About Stonehaven & District Lions Club

Formed in 1979, the club now has more than 20 members of all ages and from all walks of life. The meetings are friendly and informal and visitors are welcome at any time. We are a group of people who get together to give a helping hand to those who are less fortunate than ourselves and to generally put something back into our community. And we like to have a good time while we are doing so. We also involve our partners and families in various aspects of the club’s activities, especially on the fund raising and social side.  Over the years we have organised major local events including the “Stonehaven Feein’ Market“; “The Folk Festival Sessions Bar” at the Yacht Club and along with our fellow local service organisations the “Stonehaven Harbour Festival”.

Who Can Join? – You Can!

If you are willing to give up some time to help those in need and the community, you will be very welcome. In addition to raising money and helping in the community we also have an active social calendar for members and their families.

What Does Stonehaven & District Lions Club Do?

The motto of Lions International Is “We Serve” and that’s what we do. We raise money for charities (local, national  and international) serve the local community and arrange social events for our members – doing good can be fun too! All the money that we raise for charity goes directly to the charities concerned.

How Can I Join?

Come along to a meeting! – Our “Business” meetings are held on the 1st Monday of each month at 8pm in the Royal British Legion – Stonehaven Branch. Our “Social” meetings, depending on what we are doing, will take place sometime over the weekend after 3rd Monday in the month.  (See our calendar of events for details.)   You can also contact us via the “Contact Us” page or call us on 0345 833 5958.

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